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Operating Lease

Care for your property, the hassle-free way!
Acquiring property is not an end in itself. You have to maintain it, pay the utility companies periodically and promptly for water, gas, etc that you have consumed. In case you are not in a position to exploit the property yourself for whatever reason, you will be left with no alternative but to rent it out to individuals or businesses. In its wake, it brings to the fore a whole new lot of issues - the occupant may not pay the rent promptly; may not pay the utility companies for the water, power, etc consumed; may not maintain the property properly thereby eroding its market value; may not surrender the property to you when you demand it back in line with the terms of the agreement; may not be inclined to deal with disagreements by discussion but may be inclined to initiate a legal case in order to buy time and thwart your efforts to repossess the property smoothly; may use the property to undertake or promote anti-social or unlawful activities, thereby implicating you in the crime directly or indirectly.

Is there then a way out of the potential pitfalls of owning the property? Yes, there is. You hand the property over to us and reap the benefits of ownership, free of hassles. You entrust the property to our care and from day one, the property generates income for you. No demand will be made on your valuable time and energy and as a result you will be able to relish the benefits of ownership peacefully and blissfully. We tend your property, by ensuring its maintenance and upkeep. All the issues normally arising from renting out the property are addressed by us on your behalf. If you want us to address additional issues, it can be arranged too. The terms of the agreement can be customised to suit your requirements.

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